Paper Doll Celebrates Carnival - 1/6/19

Ten-year-old Will Danflous does not – let’s repeat that – does not like dolls of any kind. He does not like to color – never has. 

He does love Mardi Gras and likes a not-too-sugary king cake. 

When his grandmothers asked him to join their Mardi Gras-oriented business as Chairman of the Board based on his technical expertise, he couldn’t say “no.” The fourth-grader and his grandmothers are introducing Kasey, the King Cake Baby, a paper doll book featuring an animated baby with a big smile and golden curl.

Edited by Patricia Danflous and Joni Delaney with illustrations by New Orleans artist Phyllis Reppel, the book features Kasey with four diverse Carnival costumes to color and cut out. Kids and adults can cut out the paper doll on the back cover, stand her up and get her ready for Mardi Gras Day. 

“Eating king cake and finding the baby is such a wonderful part of our area’s culture,” says Patricia Danflous. “With the increasing popularity of coloring books these days, we thought a coloring activity would be a great way to introduce Kasey. 

The book is the first of several king cake baby projects in the production and imagination stage.”

“There’s no such thing as too much Mardi Gras paraphernalia,” adds Delaney. “Kasey, the King Cake Baby makes a great throw or ball favor. It is also an interactive way to explain a few of our traditions to children and others new to Carnival customs.”

For Will, editing and publishing the book has been an opportunity to teach his grandmothers about building a website as well as using Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube as marketing tools.

Kasey, the King Cake Babysells for $6.95. Visit www.babyinacake.comfor more information.